The Andromeda Transmission

Smoke Signals From Beyond!

From another dimension BEYOND... this Album Transmission is engineered from the past, through a portal into the future. Wicked deep beats & Space Lounge sounds collide into stellar waves of an original Sci-Fi Concept Album Odyssey - ANDROMEDA landing...

This genre-bending, movie-like experience is not to be missed by any fans of well designed trip-hop songs and Concept Albums. This Crypticon release is built from the epic backbone beats of Dominion Underlings the Green Merlin & Boy Elroy, fused into an AL9000 Arkillian Unit of complete psychological scientific terror and wonder!

Follow a crew of humans through this album journey as they figure out the extraterrestrial problem they are faced with on earth. Can they save mankind or will the new knowledge they have gained be destroyed forever in the daring run up to the final Waltz To Self-Destruction that is timed to explode at the albums end?!?

Listen to 13 original Crypticon Space Lounge themed beats that are contained in this experimental test chamber. A custom saxophone line by our exclusive wind instrumentalist Triple Gram Delta tracks the whole album as an order-out-of-chaos scenario was recorded here. Smooth tones and Smoke Signals of audio drafting through your core as the Declassified NASA-influenced voice-over sampling from The Andromeda Strain couples you to the seat or bed as you listen to this great album unfold. "Smoke Signals from Beyond! : The Andromeda Transmission" Never before and hopefully not too far away will you ever experience an ahead-of-its-time recording like this! You will play it over and over on drives and when you are looking for an escape route from your current relativity on Earth.

WARNING!!! Project Scoop is approaching your innerspace soon...

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