I.S.S. 076

The Italian Smoke Squad

This classical prohibition-era Italian themed album uses movie samples fused with modern organic hip-hop beats creating an immensely pure mafia-styled concept recording. Contains an instrumental tommy-gun fury of epic instrumentals that run these streets!

The epic vision of the head of the Italian Smoke Squad, Snaps Provolone, the ISS 076 debut album has become this underground classic banger of a continuos concept CD.

Lurking in the shadows of the dark San Diego streets are the rumblings of this notorious crime boss & his Provolone Industries consortium of family 'talent'. Known and feared as "The Italian Smoke Squad" and backed by loyal squad associates Mikey Meathooks, Vinny Vendetta, Rocco the Razor, The Rammegatto & The Spicy Meatball, Snaps Provolone and his powerful syndicate control liquor, music, talent, crime, corruption and committee all while keeping a general peace around the city and continually giving to the poor that qualify to the standards of the "ISS Protocols" (a secret rumored document that exists).

On this particular release, join in with the Squad while the streets run deep with crime and rival blood and the beats of Italian fury battle the elements trying to keep the cartel down, while settling all scores.

Smooth, jazzy with a classic shootout fury of gangster instrumentals, the Italian Smoke Squad control the old world and the new world with a brilliant dichotomy of old samples and new beats. This is an original unparalleled concept that has no equal available to you. And if there was an equal we would have to have an old school war to get that information and eliminate all threats to the Mafia-Music empire built here. JOIN or BE DISJOINED.

Your parents might even like this one. It has been played in italian restaurants and brought people from disparate genres together to mingle in a co-space of interest. Can music fix households that have no common interest? Stay tuned and find out, because Snaps Provolone & Friends are on the way whether you like it or not.

Check the bottom links at left to enjoy this original music to epic video of classic mafia gangsters Al Capone and Lucky Luciano.


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