The Battle Plan of New Angeles

Sonic Battalion

Smashing Instrumentals are at WAR with Los Angeles as this Sonic Battalion assault triggers MASSIVE CHAOS on the streets! The rumbling BEATFIRE of our Producer Syndicate creates instability & fear as this WAR-HOP production uses Sample Weapons Technology.

WARNING!!! Dangerous Sonic Materials are in your possession. Please use wisely and keep away from Fragile Targets. THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTION HAS BEEN DECLASSIFIED RED ROVER STATUS.

You may now peruse the enclosed cache of EPIC MUSIC designed to sustain heightened alertness in a state of localized Urban Warfare. The FATE of Los Angeles is at hand. You are about the listen to the most DEVASTATING CONCEPT ALBUM OF ALL-TIME! Note: Contains PURE MUNITIONS GRADE WAR-HOP -Admiral Arkillian [Advising Spectre Officer of C-Sec]

These BEATS DESTROY STREETS! The epic song titles tell much of the Legendary Campaign from the future of the infamous Battle Plan of New Angeles. This 2013 assault takes place before us on this exclusive album as a beacon from a distant vision of this inevitable Earth Conflict. Crafted over many years, the Crypticon MegaComputer AL9000 employed Strategic Sample Weapons Technologies to compile the distinct sounds & methods of WAR-HOP audio assault that lies before you.

For reasons of Mental Security we must state the following once again: USE AT OWN RISK - MAY CAUSE PSYCHOSIS

You have been warned via section guidance code XC Omni 12. Be advised your safety can no longer be guaranteed.


Breakdown of BPNA Protocols state the Target of this 2013 Sonic Battalion assault is the Callfornia city of Los Angeles. Deemed unreliable in a a future system encased by World Order 13 have led the entire city to be cordoned off as a threat to National Security. The Sonic Battalion Unit of The Crypticon Media Warfare Systems has been contracted as the Primary Force in engaging the Street Battle to reform the city into the Sectional-Subsidiary of California Inc., now to be known as NEW ANGELES.

Omni-Delta Private Ops Commandos have been activated for Sonic Assault Initiatives. This new war is based on Sound Weapons Technologies that are still CLASSIFIED but rely upon the Musical Skills of our Operative Producers. No real names are to be used and the Producer Codenames are listed below.

Since we do not use open channels for communication, this is an open message to our Battalion Roster responsible for this release. Decrypted from HEADQUARTERS by C-Sec Admiral Arkillian thanking you for your Tour of Duty - we appreciate your fine skilled work and hope to enlist you on the next PLAN OF ASSAULT. Your service has created the finest concept album of all time and you should be proud even though our Loyal Comrade J Starr has fallen in the line of service during the "Interstellar Mode" campaign. This one is dedicated to you J Starr.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Snaps Provolone & Boyle Ites

PRODUCER SYNDICATE: Snaps Provolone General Green DJ Fingaz Moses Operandi Coppercat Rocco the Razor Boy Elroy J Starr Grammaton Cleric DJ Jib

WRITTEN BY: Mason Freeborn CAUSED BY: Humanity

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by the AL9000 Unit overseen by HQ Master Snaps Provolone in Crypticon Pod Bay 3

GRAPHICS: Bad Cyborg 5 Battlehog Design (Mech-Bot on cover) by J.J. Kirby

Battle Plan built in the Dragonworks Laboratory deep in the Crypticon Red Rover War Room.

100% Created & Produced in the U.S.A. Manufactured in San Diego by the Reel Picture company via Network Chief Replicant Keith 6.

Producers Note: Let it be registered with your brain that this album came to light via the concept of an Archive Bin of Bastard Beats. These Homeless Orphaned Oddio songs and samples came together over a period of more than 6 years to become this Ultra Mega Concept Production. As a result, some songs have been saved from Bit Destruction by the Death Star Crushers. The Breakbeats are special one-time DJ mixes that have epic feel but may at points seem blasted or distorted as the Ineko Unit smashes their faces in - but these are the method sounds of war, and the machines that make war can make some awesome lo-fi sounds that must be respected! Some of these beats are locked mixes from the Archive Bin that could only be equalized but still fit the program so well that we put them on the covert field trip bus with the other Bastard Beats. The feel of all these tracks have remained true to the soul unit at HQ and have been authorized to see the light of day. What an album Michael Bay and Ed Wood could both be proud of. This recording is an unstoppable classic from the future for you to enjoy now!!!

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR NEED ANSWERS TO THE DEEP CONCEPTS OF SENTIENT LIVING ON A SPINNING, ORBITING & ROTATING MUDBALL IN THE UNIVERSAL GASEOUS VACUUM OF DARK ENERGY EQUILIBRIUM, then contact Snaps Provolone directly here, as he answers all the HQ fan mail and likes to interact with the "Special Humanoid Fleshlings of Earth" - or so he said once at a barbecue where the chicken skin was really crisp.

For REMIXES, LICENSING & ALIEN FETUS SALAMI: please contact Snaps Provolone via the email node above.


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