25mg of Euphoria

Dreamline Institute

The Dreamstate is revealed inside this fully realized Concept Album involving Dream Induction Therapy and Beat Transfunction Hypnosis, creating smooth and dreamy Audio Environments capable of Energizing the Human in the Experience. This is a 25 track Conduit.

Another genuine product of the Crypticon Research Division, the Dreamline institute, is released here as a set of crafty and deeply pulsing waveforms capable of tapping into the human psyche. This project has been administered by Master Beat Tactician Coppercat, aka Jeremy Richardson, and produced and mastered by Quality Control Expert, Snaps Provolone.

All it takes is 25mg of EUPHORIA to RIDE THIS RIDE and that comes free with INITIALIZATION of the FIRST TRACK. Followed by a DOPIUM trigger, the Coppercat Technologies infused in these Soundwaves grabs the beholder and keeps the beholder held firmly in a matrix of carefully engineered Futuristic Soundscapes.

THIS IS AN EXPERIMENT! This is a test! You could be the subject of a dreamy audio program of great INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC that allows you to think freely and be crafty in your own trade. Go build a spaceship while listening to this album! It has been done before literally with the Space Lounge Syndicate album and SpaceDev.

The CLASSIFIED location of the Dreamline Institute can only be revealed to be in California. The rail lines are used to transport special serums and fruit extracts from locally harvestable weeds, bushes and trees. The beats are infused in the laboratories and experiments are tested on the local radio channels that we "access" with our Broadcast Hack Control Tower. This is a Research and Development Facility funded by DARPA, a UCSD K. Haderach Grant, and various other Private and Government Research Grants. We employ the use of Sonic Technologies and Audio Programs to fund further programs. With your help, we can fulfill your future with further HIGHEST-QUALITY GUARANTEED THOUGHTFUL MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS.

This is one of those productions. This is AN EXPERIENCE. The last 2 tracks are bonus materials to WAKE-UP and NAP/FALL ASLEEP to. The Good Morning track is SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED with the NAKAMURA-THORNTON RHYTHM to wake you properly if programmed as your wake-up song.


Email suggestions for future programs to Snaps Provolone at: CrypticonRecords@gmail.com

To CONTACT the BEATSMITH COPPERCAT: Email him here: Coppercat.net@gmail.com

This Program has been SIGMA DECLASSIFIED for CITIZEN USE as of March 2015. This also means there are programs we are really excited about that are still in PHOENIX CLASSIFICATION stage or higher. Excited about the unknown? We are too - that is why we pursue it - because the unknown is never even unknown until is is known, and then can only be classified as previously unknown after its discovery - as in the Unknown Country is the Future is the Experiment is the Pursuit. Stay tuned EARTHLINGS for our Minds Shall Mingle again soon in this Etherverse and beyond! The access is in the Soul inside that Skull inside that set of Earphones inside that Persona inside that localized City - all breathing in the same Rays of Sun with our Soulskin - and being Highly Human with our Musical abilities.

Enjoy your Experience - there is over 2 HOURS OF DOWNTEMPO TRIP-HOP GREATNESS just waiting for you to download and then upload and then download again by playing it while simultaneously uploading this into your brain in real-time while listening to it for that final lasting uploaded impression - the one that makes the memories and feels good when you hit play!

Okay, now go find a comfortable place to get numb and walk into Mind Gardens, Ear Canals, and Brain Lakes...

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