Space Dog Cometh


The Ethereal Serene Trip-Hop Sounds of the AL9000 Intelligence Processor shine on this bright, dreamy track with sci-fi synth lines and smoothly cascading drum breaks. This hybrid production unit is a custom designed Crypticon Research Music Intelligence.

The AL9000 Processing Unit Spaceship is exploring out in the shadows of the Earth's Moon. The Highly Intelligent Space Dog, Bane 11, is stretching in zero-g space while venting his own gasses amongst the heavenly vacuum. Bane the Space Dog is no mystery to the Crypticon Research Institute as he was their planetary guide for over a decade, providing security and comfort, as the Crypticon Audio Scientists figured out how to make the people sway to the instrumental music they knew they could make. And they shine bright here, the AL9000 Unit Mod on this particular tracks was modular programmed to combine the Slade Brunner and My Boy Elroy program users into the AL9000 mainframe sequencing, compiling and mastering unit. It is all very technical with some classified properties making the recording hard to explain, but be assured, all it takes is a listen to enjoy the pure beautiful Space Lounge Trip-Hop music that this single evokes and allow it to emanate unto the lands.

"Space Dog Cometh" is a true instrumental trip-hop tribute and memorial for Bane. When the label dog passes away on the label owners birthday, a song shall be played in eternal perpetuity. This is that song. Thank you listeners of Earth and music bootleggers parked on the Moon taking all of our collective human productions proudly out for the rest of the Planets to enjoy. I hear we are being kept alive for our unique creativity, so this is a call out to all creative types, get your mind in gear and spend your time working your craft, for it may keep you off the menu titled "To Serve Man".

To the Alien Humanoids of the Other Planets, we hope you enjoy our Soundwaves and we will keep them coming if you allow us to. Sound is the soothing medicine for the universal soul, and this is a great music track to inject into the galactic conscience and beyond. Take this soundwave out and give it away to those seeking inspiration and sensations only their brain can be triggered to offer. Music should be kept from no sentient being capable of being soothed by it.

From Snaps Provolone, the producer of this track and owner of Bane, I look forward to rescue dog philanthropy if this music thing works out. Dogs are the best, and when they become Space Dogs, they still shine down on us touched by their grace. Thank you for listening and contributing to our success.

Bane the Protector and the Inspiration 11.08.2006 - 03.07.2018 - Space Dog Wingman Eternal -

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