Seas of Titan

Dreamline Institute

As part of Project: Haderach, an Audio Experiment Probe was sent to the largest moon of Saturn, called Titan. Inside, a Remote Avatar of Laboratory Sonic Producer, Coppercat, was sent to attract the Spirits of Titan's many moving seas. This, is that...

These experimental tracks represent a fusion of Coppercat Technology and AL9000 Field Recordings of Oceans. The result is a Concept Album of faraway proportions where the produced output came from the very surface of the moon itself. Titan is covered in various water features, including cryovolcanoes and methane seas. Take this journey as though your were a Titanean experiencing a live DJ visitor - Coppercat - with all his Earthen splendor of sound, mixing into the very spirits of the 5th Dimension, and all those beings that can sense the wavelengths that music is carried on. The "Seas of Titan" represents the 2nd album in the Dreamline Institute catalog of Sound Therapy albums mandated by the needs of emotional people in a noisy world. Take this trip to a watery concept where the beats flow over the seas and the two meld together to offer you a dreamy journey into another world - a breakaway from you and this place here - GO TO TITAN - NOW! But, be advised, there is power in these here beats - the kind to keep you dreaming out a porthole gazing towards the uncharted.

Your place has been reserved. Would you like cryosleep for your journey, or to start off with the 4-shot latte?


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