Unknown Monstrosity: All-Vinyl DJ Breaks Production

Everything in this Snaps Provolone crafted mix came ONLY from vinyl records. The records were then sent through a Stanton mixer with high/mid/low cutoff switches* for instantaneous live on-the-beat triggering, leading to some interesting sonic characteristics. Some of the sources were routed through an Alesis Ineko unit I use as a Send modulator and then returned to the mix. The whole thing was then edited in Pro Tools in minimal layers using only samples taken from the record collection Crypticon used to have. This was the culmination of a lot of compilation and trial and error and needle dropping. It can never be released for sale due to all the audio gaffling, but that is the point of this, vinyl-only sources regurgitated intelligently and sweetly back into your ear canals.

Enjoy with your favorite things in life!

(*Does not contain Brawndo electrolytes)

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